Friday, August 14, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad (1958-2009 )

A great individual will always be remembered for his/her contribution towards something in life. Same goes for the incomparable Yasmin Ahmad. I have had the chance to meet her in personal and act in some of her telemovies in National TV. Just to be there and witness her great work was just an unbelievable sight. She has always tried to give her best, and make the best of her chances in life. I have played a supporting role in my 1st drama called Adam where she was the co-director. Her work ethic was just amazing and she can be funny sometimes. Once she told me this " An inspired actor will always inspire others to do great." Well, that's true for a fact.

I'm not close to her like any actors out there, but one thing I can say it was pleasure to work with her. I will always remember you for your wise words, and God bless you. Amin!


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