Friday, August 14, 2009

MAIN HOON NA ( I'm Here)

As far as everyone is concern, I'm here for a purpose. Main Hoo Na !

I'm better than ever before, and will always try to improve myself. So guys out there, who will read this blog, lets share our experiences, limelight, our downfalls or whatever it is, and lets work as humans together.
In the 21st Century, people have actually become materialistic, and like the Charvaka Philosopher, everything in this world is just material and merely physical. I disagree. It's a disgrace that the aspect of humanity is suffering badly. No one cares to say good morning, and no one wants to help others. Haha, it's just sad to see. Well, the decision is for us to make. If we want to change, we can.

So I encourage everyone out there to let's be united and bring back the glory days of humanity and mankind. Let us be human and only human understands the margins of the universe. Watch your words as they become your actions and watch your actions as they become your character. Salam. :)

Main Hoo Na!

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