Sunday, August 16, 2009

She Has Left !!!

Well, Julie, or better known as Julianne Rajah has left Malaysia for United States. Haish, my friend I'm missing u a lot here. But well, I'm pretty happy coz u will be furthering ur studies in Drake University. It's a beautiful place. Well, I have never been there, but from what I heard it's really2 beautiful. Haha, well this post is just specially for you, buddy. I got to know u in INTI, now you've left INTI for good. I just wanna say I appreciate every single thing that you have done for me and for those time spent together. It's my pleasure to get to know u. Go rock the place and make Malaysian proud. Oh ya lagi satu, keep up with the squash.. U have fallen in love with the game, and I still remember I would just tell anything to put the game down, but your there to defend it. What a spirit! INTI will be missing u, and I will be as well. Ala, kat US jer, keep in touch. Ingat budak ni yang selalu bully u. :P Chow. Take care. Khuda Hafiz. :D

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