Thursday, August 13, 2009


INTIBALL 2009 was a spectacular, exciting and memorable occasion. It was one of the major events of the year in college, and I have to admit, before the prom went on live, it was certainly an intriguing yet interesting prospect. As usual, I have planned to go with my close buddies to the ball. We were up for this event, we intended to have a lot of fun, which we did till the end.
To me it was simply a splendid event as it involved a lot of people, a lot great people to be exact especially students from all over the world including South Africa, China and Indonesia. New friends were made, and close pals became even intimate than ever before. Me, Han, Ei Leen, Winnie, Julianne, Dave and many others were all dressed up for this amazing event. The special thing about that night was everyone looked so beautiful and good looking. Smiling faces were obvious from all angles, and to add to all of that, the food was great. I did not eat as much as I have expected to.
The performances that night was really good. The band who performed that night was just flawless and it seemed to be a momentous and gala occasion as many of the VIP's were there. The setting was just beyond imagination greatly thanks to the hard work of the organizers. We were all hyped up, and there were many couples that night. I had a date of my own, and Winnie I have to say it was just a pleasure to be your date on that night. U looked beautiful, those smile of yours, just mesmerized me. A lot of girls did attract my attention, but yeah I was just more focussed on you. Dancing together and rocking the party we certainly did.
As usual, this prom, like any prom nights I have attended in high school had some great awards. Examples would be Prom King and Prom Queen. Yeah, everyone I believed contended in the running for those awards, and shockingly I was shortlisted and called out to the stage. On stage, I had to introduce myself, catwalk, and act. Well, I told myself, " Let's have fun Rizmel. " I certainly did.
The best yet to come. For the acting part, I had to promote the usage of condom. Oh SHIT!! NOT CONDOMS AGAIN !!!!. Well, I had to do it, and i guess I did pretty well judging from the ovation i got from that night from the crowd. Yeah, I became the Prom King after receiving majority of the votes from the audience. It wasn't that big a deal but, the night ended with a lot of laughters, hugs, kisses, just full of emotions. It was just amazing. Simply Unforgettable.
To all the guys that night, I want to take the opportunity to thank you guys for the special memories. Han, Ei Leen, Winnie, Julianne, Dave, Shern, Khye Theng, Wai Quai, Justin and many more, thanks for everything. We had a lot of fun. That's for sure. :)

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