Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hang In There

Life affords supreme independence,
At times the world can mean the absolute suffering,
A toddler crying, earth quake or political war,
Can certainly mean destruction.

As the blue skies fade away,
As the nature sobs in disappointment,
This world is starting to cripple in shreds,
Hugely affecting the life of others.

With a moment of despair,
Failure symbolizes dead end for everything,
When love turns into a game,
There is nothing to hold to or believe in.

Only thing that is doable,
May sound unrealistic,
Staying tough would mean a challenge of a life time,
Hanging in there brings a new dimension to humanity.

This poem is specially for those who is out there who is in need of moral support. A failure does not mean the end of the world. Failure is the first step being successful, and it is verifiable. Never giving up would be another one to think about and keep trying for the best. And when this world becomes hell for you, you will be standing tall and hanging in there with great spirit. Insyallah. :D

18th September 2009

As usual, like any normal day 18th September 2009 looks to be similar. I woke up around 10 in the morning. Went to play golf in RPGC. Not surprisingly, my game wasn't at its best yet, but I'm hitting the ball better. Carded a round of 78 on a tough day of golf. The wind was blowing really hard. It was a sunny day and not shockingly I was sweating profusely.

Okay then I had my breakfast. Ate kuewtiaw goreng, didn't like it that much, but i'm not the type of person who wastes food so much like I used to. I finished it and it was a good encouragement. I was full, went back, had my bath and changed. I had to watch Man United's replay against Birmingham. Well, they weren't convincing enough. They only won 1-o as Wayne Rooney scored. Apa2pun, they won, unlike Liverpool. I was quite delighted for that. Hehe. :P

In the evening, I played the piano. I played Remember When, Winter Sonata, and Love Story. Just looking forward to play better as I have not been playing for months. Just love the sound of the piano. Wooo.. Next I went off to jogging. Sebab banyak orang complain I dah gemuk. The fact of the matter is the truth was certainly opposite. At this moment of time I'm standing around 182cm and weighing 75 kg. It's suitable according to my BMI Index. Apa2 pun, I'm trying to get back my stamina. So went jogging for an hour. Came back around 7, took bath prayed Maghrib.

Now waiting for Isyak, and then will be going for dinner in Casuarina. So, i got 2 go guys. Take care. Chow. Will get back soon. :D

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Apa itu Cinta?

Gambar-gambar di atas memaparkan maksud sebenar cinta. Walaupun bagaimanapun timbul pelbagai persoalan adakan cinta itu semata-mata gambaran, perasaan atau keperluan hidup? Namun begitu, cinta merupakan satu perkara yang mulia. Apakah hidup ini akan lengkap tanpa cinta? Mungkin ya, tetapi kunci kebahagiaan merupakan cinta yang sejati kepada Allah s.w.t, ibu bapa, rakan-rakan dan suami isteri. Cinta bukan hanya perasaan tetapi tanggungjawab, kemahuan dan keinginan untuk mencapai satu tahap kehidupan yang bahagia. Kisah-kisah cinta bermula dengan satu pandangan dan boleh berakhir dengan sekelip mata. Haha itulah kehebatan cinta. Cinta perlu diperteguhkan dan diperkuatkan.

Sesiapa yang di sana yang takut untuk bercinta, kehidupan di dunia ini adalah bagaikan pokok tanpa akarnya dan manusia tanpa kakinya. Oleh yang demikian, bercintalah, dan sentiasa menyampaikan cinta dengan cara yang terbaik. Dan selepas itu kebahagiaan di tangan anda, Insyallah. Salam!

She Has Left !!!

Well, Julie, or better known as Julianne Rajah has left Malaysia for United States. Haish, my friend I'm missing u a lot here. But well, I'm pretty happy coz u will be furthering ur studies in Drake University. It's a beautiful place. Well, I have never been there, but from what I heard it's really2 beautiful. Haha, well this post is just specially for you, buddy. I got to know u in INTI, now you've left INTI for good. I just wanna say I appreciate every single thing that you have done for me and for those time spent together. It's my pleasure to get to know u. Go rock the place and make Malaysian proud. Oh ya lagi satu, keep up with the squash.. U have fallen in love with the game, and I still remember I would just tell anything to put the game down, but your there to defend it. What a spirit! INTI will be missing u, and I will be as well. Ala, kat US jer, keep in touch. Ingat budak ni yang selalu bully u. :P Chow. Take care. Khuda Hafiz. :D

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Reality of LIfe

This is what you get when you put urself into that mix of commitment, determination and hard work!

A mom with her daughter! This is life and doesn't get any sweeter than this. Real special.

On a Thursday evening dated June 26th 2009, when a question was asked to me by a friend what is reality of our lives? This question has appeared countless times but I have never tried answering it. However now, I believe I have found the answer, at least that is what I think. It seems that we believe in reality as what our senses can perceive or what our immaterial mind can think off.

Our consciousness simply means our awareness towards every single incident that happens. As I write this with full of emotions and awareness, reality affords us pure happiness when we are able to do great in life, and as we continue to feel it, it is just invincible, the feeling of Nirvana. The reality of life interconnects so much that when you feel happy, you feel that you are at the top of the world, and when we are sad, we feel the effects of our everlasting nightmares. Whatever it is life is about finding equilibrium and to define what is right and wrong.

As I believe strongly in the power of Allah s.w.t, it feels that this world that we live in is just a reward to all of us to cherish our life for the next world, regardless of our beliefs, that is just the reality and we can't change it. An even better example, sometimes we just don't get everything we expect to have, because the fact of the reality is evident, no way we are able to achieve complete perfection.

Every second seems so vital and we cannot afford to lose track but again, we are human beings. The reality is we make mistakes and we will continue to do so till this universe reaches its "expiry date".The continuous motion our life will always be affected by the group of people we love, by what we believe in and by what our sense of perceptions says. in reality the fact of the matter states everything happens for a reason. The way we talk, observe and walk:- It has an actual meaning and purpose to it. It's just for us to find out.

Materialism and determinism have certainly played a big part in our world today. As I'm 19 years old, I stand beside you, we are not merely objects, we are creations of the Inscrutable Creator of God, and we have emotions and this life is a cycle. Although the theory dynamics of energy has stated, the flow of energy is in one direction and not a cycle, but yeah, it happens with the cycle of living things.

What is the purpose of me writing this?? I guess that will be the most evident question. It is simple. I just want to share an experience of a lifetime that this reality of life brings us to a natural standpoint about the world, we have the choice to make the right decisions, say the right things and do what is morally right. It's up 2 us, simply because freedom is real, and it is the reality of our life. With all this I can conclude God is great, he is the ultimate one and the best of the best.

So, I want to convey a simple message, Thank you, Terima Kasih, Syukran and Che che( not sure how to spell, haha). A simple wish to everyone will make our day, and I urged everyone to appreciate the reality of this world. Terima Kasih Semua. :)
Salam. :D

I'm back in Ipoh!

Well, I'm having 3 weeks break now from college, and seriously I'm really glad that I'm back in my hometown, the place that I was born and the place had left me wondering about those great memories with family and friends.

Yes Ipoh isn't like Kuala Lumpur. It is no where near Kuala Lumpur's hecticness and entertainment. In Kl, I would be more outgoing, but I'm in Ipoh, I'm more laid back. I'll just take my own sweet time to do anything, well that is what semester breaks is for. I'm looking forward to play a lot of golf, and more golf and more golf. Haha, just kidding, and looking forward to go to my school and meet all my teachers and juniors. Those pictures above represent those past memories in Ipoh.

I guess I'm gonna eat a lot as well. Cool got 2 go now. Nak makan jap. I'll be back. Enjoy the pictures above. :)

What do I do ya when life gets really boring??

Well, hanging out with these amazing and versatile human beings! What more can I say! Miss u guys.

Playing golf competitively and winning!

Just to be with these orphans, they have certainly taught me about life.

!Used to play pool everyday, entering competitions and winning sometimes. Still love the game.

Been playing since the age of 7 till today, it becomes one of my passion. Music keeps me going, and the piano is key to my life. :)

Sometimes I draw, mostly sceneries. Just had the interest and still doing it. Alhamdulillah.

Entertaining crowds and really giving good speeches, u know what I mean. Haha!

Cracking jokes, make others smile and annoy them sometimes. Baru lah hidup berwarna kan!

Playing foosball, not bad actually, and really fun when u can play well.

Hanging out at the mamak, conversing with friends and relaxing!

Well, I enjoy playing badminton and football as well. Just can't find any pictures of me playing those games YET! Well, these pictures simply represent my passion, my interest and hobbies when I'm not busy studying or doing any assignments or acting for a drama. Will keep doing it till my last breath.

Have a nice day guys. :)