Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Reality of LIfe

This is what you get when you put urself into that mix of commitment, determination and hard work!

A mom with her daughter! This is life and doesn't get any sweeter than this. Real special.

On a Thursday evening dated June 26th 2009, when a question was asked to me by a friend what is reality of our lives? This question has appeared countless times but I have never tried answering it. However now, I believe I have found the answer, at least that is what I think. It seems that we believe in reality as what our senses can perceive or what our immaterial mind can think off.

Our consciousness simply means our awareness towards every single incident that happens. As I write this with full of emotions and awareness, reality affords us pure happiness when we are able to do great in life, and as we continue to feel it, it is just invincible, the feeling of Nirvana. The reality of life interconnects so much that when you feel happy, you feel that you are at the top of the world, and when we are sad, we feel the effects of our everlasting nightmares. Whatever it is life is about finding equilibrium and to define what is right and wrong.

As I believe strongly in the power of Allah s.w.t, it feels that this world that we live in is just a reward to all of us to cherish our life for the next world, regardless of our beliefs, that is just the reality and we can't change it. An even better example, sometimes we just don't get everything we expect to have, because the fact of the reality is evident, no way we are able to achieve complete perfection.

Every second seems so vital and we cannot afford to lose track but again, we are human beings. The reality is we make mistakes and we will continue to do so till this universe reaches its "expiry date".The continuous motion our life will always be affected by the group of people we love, by what we believe in and by what our sense of perceptions says. in reality the fact of the matter states everything happens for a reason. The way we talk, observe and walk:- It has an actual meaning and purpose to it. It's just for us to find out.

Materialism and determinism have certainly played a big part in our world today. As I'm 19 years old, I stand beside you, we are not merely objects, we are creations of the Inscrutable Creator of God, and we have emotions and this life is a cycle. Although the theory dynamics of energy has stated, the flow of energy is in one direction and not a cycle, but yeah, it happens with the cycle of living things.

What is the purpose of me writing this?? I guess that will be the most evident question. It is simple. I just want to share an experience of a lifetime that this reality of life brings us to a natural standpoint about the world, we have the choice to make the right decisions, say the right things and do what is morally right. It's up 2 us, simply because freedom is real, and it is the reality of our life. With all this I can conclude God is great, he is the ultimate one and the best of the best.

So, I want to convey a simple message, Thank you, Terima Kasih, Syukran and Che che( not sure how to spell, haha). A simple wish to everyone will make our day, and I urged everyone to appreciate the reality of this world. Terima Kasih Semua. :)
Salam. :D

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