Thursday, August 13, 2009

Special Feelings

Jazz music gives me inner peace and makes me calm!

Mr Borges, I want an A for Socio.(Use to rant about that all the time)

Miss his class tough :(

Kita dua nampak mcm adik beradik lah Jimmie. Hahaha!

Being a top student just adds spice to life!

Winning something is just special!!

Nellie, I miss u already! I'll come and get u in Berkeley.

In life, we are always in search of answers, solutions, success and happiness. It's is part of us being humans. A moment of greatness will somehow include hardship, hard work and perseverance. For me, I have always had the perception that whenever I put myself to do something, I will always try give my best. Somehow, there are distractions in life that will stray us away from our priority. According to Sarte, a prominent philosopher, existentialism is what we should. In other words, we shape our own life, our own nature and we are free to determine the way we live. Somehow if that's the case, would it be a disaster for me to do whatever I want, whenever I want regardless of the people around me?

Well, often than never, I would rather follow my principles and guidelines of my religion for me to make the right decisions in life. The way I speak, the way i walk, and the way i approach people certainly symbolizes great demeanor and sheer respect. Well, sometimes, I would just screw up something, and get punished or reprimanded. Well we learn from our mistakes, at least that is what i do.

Winning means a lot of things in the reality of this world. I might have won a few golf competitions, debates, and over a few friendships, and connections with others. A great epitome is when I tee it up and play golf in a competition. I have always believed in myself to get the job done, trust my swing and be mentally focussed. Well, sometimes i win, too bad sometimes I lose. That's part of the game, and part of life. Ultimately what matters most is the effort put to win, and that's a very special feeling, really special. I would sometimes scold myself, and let my anger get over me. I'm still controlling it because I expect myself to do good things in life.

When it comes to relationships with others, family, friends, girlfriends, I have always believed if i'm honest and be truthful, it will be special. The moments with my parents, when I make them smile, it's just unbelievable. It's a commitment of another level. That's when love prevails. My dad has always said, " what makes the world special is not any love, it's love with sincerity and pure honesty." Above are some pictures that i hope can show some great memories that include great emotions.


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  1. in life, what matters most is the amount of effort we put in to glean success and its no easy feat when you still loose after all your efforts..=)life is not fair, but it is still good..