Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hang In There

Life affords supreme independence,
At times the world can mean the absolute suffering,
A toddler crying, earth quake or political war,
Can certainly mean destruction.

As the blue skies fade away,
As the nature sobs in disappointment,
This world is starting to cripple in shreds,
Hugely affecting the life of others.

With a moment of despair,
Failure symbolizes dead end for everything,
When love turns into a game,
There is nothing to hold to or believe in.

Only thing that is doable,
May sound unrealistic,
Staying tough would mean a challenge of a life time,
Hanging in there brings a new dimension to humanity.

This poem is specially for those who is out there who is in need of moral support. A failure does not mean the end of the world. Failure is the first step being successful, and it is verifiable. Never giving up would be another one to think about and keep trying for the best. And when this world becomes hell for you, you will be standing tall and hanging in there with great spirit. Insyallah. :D


  1. whats up with you and suddenly being all mellow?? drama nye..

  2. er.. no offense, but i don't feel even remotely 'morally supported' =.=''