Thursday, August 13, 2009

Family of A Kind

Some of us are lucky enough to have a family and be with them, some might not. The fact of the matter is a family means a group people that we have blood relationship with based on a primary relationship. I am very lucky to be with a great and a big family. Well, there is always ups and downs, quarrels, sadness and a moment of happiness, but that is what family is.

Daddy and mummy, thanks for everything that you have done towards me. I can only say that i appreciate and grateful that I have you guys to guide me all the way. That's phenomenal. I love you both. To my sister, Dolly, what can I say, I sometimes annoy you to the max, well I enjoy doing it. Anyway thanks ya sis for everything u have done for me. To matok, she is getting old, and probably she is running out of time. Matok, for the past 19 years, you have always been there for me to take care of me and share religious views with me. Your views will always be respected.

Rizmel sayang matok,and to all my untie's and uncle's just being there, means a lot to me.As far as my cousins are concern, we have always been busy with our own stuff, I just want to say that one day we need to gather and talk for hours. It's been ages since we actually catch up.

Thanks Allah for gifting me a big and happy family. I'm nothing without them. :)
Rizmel sayang kamu semua! :D

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